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Birthday Parties • Private Events • Corporate Functions • Weddings


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Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

Listen HERE


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, & Keyboard

Listen HERE


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, & Electric Guitar

Listen HERE


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, & Keyboard

Listen HERE


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, & Bass

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- Female Vocalist

- Saxophone Player


Q: What is the booking process like?

A: First, fill out the inquiry form on the contact page. Be sure to include the date, time, location, and act you're inquiring about (solo, duo, 5-piece band, etc.). We can also provide a quote with some multiple options. Once the inquiry form is sent, we will respond within 48 hours. If we are available, we'll discuss details via email. Once everything is confirmed you'll be sent a signed agreement in which you'll be asked to read over and sign. If we are unavailable, we'll respond with a list of highly recommended musicians in the area.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes, typically we require a deposit of half the total compensation. 



Q: Do you provide all your own sound equipment?

A: Yes, we provide all of our own equipment including a state-of-the-art sound system that can accommodate up to 500 guests. 

Q: Do you have any special provisions?

A: Yes. See below. 

Outlet. We prefer to be as close to a power outlet as possible, though we have a 100ft extension cable. We require (1) dedicated 20-amp circuit. We provide power strips for ourselves with more outlets. 

Cover. If we are performing outside, we require to be located under cover to protect us from the sun and rain.

Weather. We do NOT cancel Shows due to weather unless it is an emergency. If we are scheduled to play outdoors and it rains or thunders, we require to be re-located inside or paid in full.

Parking. The Operator will secure sufficient parking for Band's vehicles for a minimum period of 1 hour prior to the show to unload equipment and 1 hour after the show.

Dietary Restrictions. Our lead guitarist (Easton, not Joey) is vegan. Our bass player (Sam) is allergic to shellfish.  

Sand. We will not perform on the sand. If we are performing on the beach we require a platform or riser. If we perform on the beach (even if it’s on a platform or riser), we charge an additional fee of $100 x band member. Sand still manages to get kicked up onto our gear, damaging our valuable equipment and destroying it over time. 

Fire pit. We will not perform within 100 ft of a fire pit. The smoke is incredibly damaging to our voices, even from afar, making it difficult to sing at Shows for the next few days.

Dietary Restrictions. We have (1) band member who is vegan and (1) band member that is allergic to shellfish.

Q: What time will you be arriving the day of the event?

A: For weddings we arrive (3) hours early. For corporate events we arrive (1.5) hours early. For private house parties and restaurants we arrive (1) hour early. Our sound check takes approximately 30 minutes from our time of arrival. A sound check conducted by the Band is required 30 minutes or more prior to the Show.


Q: Do you carry liability insurance?

A: Yes, we carry liability insurance up to $2,000,000​ general aggregate. 


Q: Do you play music during your breaks?

A: We shuffle pre-cued music playlists during our breaks (genre depending on the event). If you'd like to shuffle your own playlist during our breaks, please forward it to Joey no less than 2 weeks before our performance. 

Q: How will you be dressed?

A: You choose the attire between tropical, formal, business-casual, and all black-professional (see our options HERE).

Q: Do you provide lighting?

A: Yes, we can provide band uplighting (upon request) for no additional charge.

Q: Can we request a song for you to learn?

A: We can learn a requested song(s) for $100 x band member. Please let us know at least a month in advance.

Q: Can we pick which songs you play?

A: Yes, you may customize the setlist for your event by making a list of songs that you do/do not want to hear. Check out the song list page on our site.

Q: Are you able to provide additional speakers so we can hear you in multiple rooms?

A: Yes, we have wireless speakers that can be placed up to 50ft away from our gear (+ $200 fee).

Q: Do you provide a stage or tent?

A: We do NOT provide a stage or tent but would be happy to use them, if provided by the venue. Stage size will vary on our arrangement. 

Q: Are you available to perform at weddings?

A: We are available to perform at weddings upon special request. Please reach out for specific details. 

Q: Do you have an MC?

A: Joey offers crowd engagement and some MC services; however, a detailed list of announcements must be provided.

Q: Can you provide a wireless microphone for speeches?

A: Yes (no extra fee).

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